Drobo v.1 maybe at end of life.

Just had an incident where my MacMini rebooted and the Drobo v.1 did not connect. I unplugged and the plugged in the Drobo. The all of the lights lit up and the drive lights were red. Nothing else happened and it did not mount. Unplugged the Drobo again. Removed all the drives cleaned out all the dust. Then put everything back together and started the Drobo. It’s start took a long time, maybe 3 to 5 minutes. Everything connected and it appears to be working correctly.

Being this is a first edition Drobo it maybe getting close to dyeing. If I purchase a new Drobo can I put the old drives into a new Drobo and use it as if there where no change? I am hoping the new Drobo may need to make some changes to the drives but keep all the data.

hi certain upgrade paths are possible, please find some more intfo here:

in case your drobo doesnt mount again for some reason, try what you did above, but dont remove the physical drives unless you really have to. (and if you do, make sure the power is off during removal and putting them back in) :slight_smile: