DROBO USB 4 / 10 GigE / SAS When?

Drobo product line needs upgrades. When are they coming?

So the 1200i does have SAS, but on newer models I could actually skip SAS even though RAID performance will be enhance with the full duplex interface. SAS drives are $$$$ and DROBO is in a niche market.

With USB 4 rounding up Thunderbolt and USB together. This upgrade will open DROBO to a much bigger group of customers. My older Apple XSERVE has 10 Gig USB 3.The new standard will be backwards compatible with existing USB 3.2, USB 2.0 and Thunderbolt 3 hosts although if they don’t have USB-C connectors they will need an adapter.

More CPU in the DROBO controller. How and keep the cost down. Time to make DROBO modular.

Have RAID controllers at different backplane performance levels. If it is too slow, get a faster one. Some can support SAS if you want.
Network Controller, same idea. If possible A PCIe form factor to reduce costs. 1 GigE / 10 GigE

Create a DROBO Eco System. The buy and throw away units can be a little cheaper this will be way better.

I think DROBO has taken care of the crashing issue with copying to data. If not… fix.

I would like a new DROBO…