Drobo unprotected after removing drive

I had plugged in 4 1TB drives into the drobo. Now I only have about 1.3TB data on it, so I removed the fourth drive to use somewhere else. I expected the drobo to reduce capacity from 2.7TB to 1.8 TB, which it did. Since then, it has the red light turned on for the empty slot, saying my data is not protected.

Why is the drobo not relaying the data so that it only uses 3 drives? The amount of data is well below the capacity of a 3 drive array.

Please help![hr]

Another detail I’d like to add: I have data on two different drobo volumes. They are both 2TB each, but both are less than 50% occupied currently.

have you restarted drobo since you did this? sometimes it needs a bit of a nudge to make it start the rebuild. i’ve had issues in getting it to downsize correctly also.

I have not restarted, I will give that a shot and see.

I really wish the anemic dashboard came with more advanced controls, including one to force a rebuild.

i think the logic is that if it can rebuild it will, so you coudlnt force a rebuild even if it had a button to do it - it woudl be greyed out, since for some reason it hasnt realised it can rebuild.

A couple of restarts later, and it’s still not relaying the data.

A button that forced a check for the condition in which it has to relay data would be useful. The current situation is extremely frustrating. What if a drive fails now? I’ve lost data when I absolutely shouldn’t have. The lack of control over the device is extremely annoying sometimes.

Have you tried running Chkdsk /f on the volume?

How does that help? I’ll try it anyway.

because it might be confused about how much free space is actually available - due to errors in the FS. if you fix those errors and its get an accurate reading of how much space is available, then it may start to rebuild.

I had:
3 x 1.5TB
1 x 1TB

Just replaced the 1TB with a 2TB (WD20EARS) & waited for Drobo to relay my data. It didn’t. Tells me it can’t protect my data.

After 10 or 15mins I closed the Dashboard & then ran it again. Apparently this is what got Drobo rebuilding.

sometimes it takes a nudge to get it to start

rebooting drobo seems to be a common fix too

Same with my Drobo today…
Had 1TB/1TB/1TB/500GB and pulled the 500GB drive (wanted to replace it by 1TB too).
After pulling it, its LED turned red and the other three stayed green. Dashboard told me, it can no longer protect my data.
I used 1.6TB which would be fine for 3x1TB too.
After that, adding the new 1TB drive initiated a 35h rebuild :confused:

I hate my Drobo :frowning:

WHAT?!?! i’ve already replied to your other thread where you are complaining about this

that is EXACTLY how it is supposed to work

everything went perfectly for you

what do you perceive to be the the problem???[hr]
1.6tb it too much for it to rebuild onto 3 x 1tb drives - it wont rebuild to a state where you would be low on space.

if you only had 1tb of data - then yes it woould have rebuilt onto your remaining 3 x 1tb drives - but as it was you didn’t have enough room - so it didn’t!

where is the problem ???

well, I suggest to read my answer then…

have done, and replied

but you still shouldn’t post the issue in multiple threads, especially when you have a differnet issue.

I didn’t spread the issue just for fun (or blame Drobo). It’s the same, except that my Drobo startet rebuilding after adding the new drive and his started after restarting Drobo Dasboard…

its totally different.

his didn’t rebuild because his drobo hung

yours didn’t rebuild because you didn’t have space (it told you this - it said it was low on space AND it was asking for another drive to be added!)

his should have been rebuilding an just needed a little nudge.