Drobo unaccessible after boot

When I boot my Drobo after a full power down, it usually doesn’t fully complete booting at the first try.

It looks ok (all lights are green, and all the required blue lights are on), but it isn’t accessible via its file shares, and it isn’t visible from the dashboard. If I power down again (via power switch) and restart, it usually boots ok (although it might take two or even three tries).

I had the device exchanged twice so far for this reason (i.e. I am now on my third device), and I still see the same symptoms.

Am I especially unlucky, or it this a quite common behaviour? Firmware is current (1.2.1), but I have seen this from the beginning on many firmware versions.

Interesting - I used to see this exact same behavior, but in my case the last couple firmware updates (1.2 and 1.2.1) seemed to make it go away on my unit. Perhaps I’ve just been lucky; after all, it’s hard to prove something is fixed when it doesn’t happen every time.