Drobo Turning Itself Off

I’ve got a Drobo S here with 5 * 2TB HDDs in it. There’s 1.49TB of free space on it just now and its connected over FW800 to an iMac running Yosemite. The disk pack is healthy, disk utility finds no problems and its been utterly reliable up until now.

In the last few weeks it starting behaving strange. I’ll come back to the iMac and there will be warnings about the volume having been disconnected without ejecting it first. The Drobo itself will just have the orange power LED on it so it looks like its switching itself off.

To get it back on, I either have to disconnect the power cable or use the button on the back to turn it off fully and then back on.

Any ideas?


I have the same exact problem. I even purchased a replacement power supply cord/brick, but it still does this. Looks like something inside the unit is failing and will either need to be repaired or the unit will need to be replaced with a duplicate unit with the same firmware. This is very disappointing to think about spending money to replace and older unit just to get your data back, so you can spend more money to buy a competitors storage solution.

hi ascender, can i check if you are using any sleep or hibernation on your mac?
if so, i was wondering what happens if you were to try using dashboard to shutdown the drobo, when you finish for the day, for example, and then putting your computer to sleep or shutdown.

and then after you wake or boot it up the mac, to then power up the drobo… if you can try like that for a few days do you still have similar problems?

btw it may be worth checking your drobo with disk utils or diskwarrior if you have access to that, just in case any issues might crop up over time. (for example i usually run a windows equivalent checkdisk on any Das volume or device (drobo or not) if something hangs or a program crashes, just to keep it in check)

hi ndutyme, do you have any more info about your drobo model, and which drives (or devices like msata) are inside it?