Drobo + Time Tamer

Hi !

Is Time Tamer intended to work with a Drobo 2G ?

When I launch it all is good except that the report said that he created a sparebundle that I can’t find on the Drobo.

If I launch Time Machine that make a backupdb file, not a sparebundle.

How do you do to make Time Machine make a sparsebundle and not a backupdb ?

I need to find a way to use Time Machine without using a blocked partion on the Drobo …

OK !

I find a way ! I’ll try to explain it with my poor english, sorry.

After 2 days of failure in trying to use Time Tamer I have found a solution.

For information I’m using an iMac G5 1,6ghz 17" with OS 10.5.8 or an iBook G4 1,33ghz 12" with same OS.

When launching Time Tamer the process goes well except that there is no sparebundle visible in the Drobo. I don’t know why. Is that a specific bug from my hardware & software ?

So, I noticed that the report “README-from-TimeTamer.txt” mentioned a name for a file that was “successfully” created but I didn’t see. I simply copy the name of this ghost file and open Disk Utility to create a sparebundle file with this name.

After setting Time Machine to backup on the Drobo the backup start as described in the read me file “Time Tamer.pdf”.

Maybe someone must check this …

Did you create a separate partition for Time Machine to use?

No, my Drobo is formatted as a single 16 TB volume.

But the sparebundle is sized as a 3,5 To volume because this Drobo contain 3 x 2 To disk, that let me 3,6 TB for data.

I’m not sure that 1 To = 1 TB, but I do like it’s almost the same.

What is interesting with sparebundle is that you can resize it without causing loss of data. On the Drobo you can’t do that with a partition because of the risk of loosing datas. Now, if I need more space for Time Machine because I want to backup more data or more “days” before today, I just need to had a new or bigger disk and resize the sparebundle.

That’s the way I intended to use Drobo when I buy it, but the seller (a Mac specialist) didn’t warn me about the Drobo limitations … Not insurmountable limitations, but not easy to solve :wink:

So you’re using Drobo only for Time Machine?

I have two Drobo, the first one for storing data only, the second one for Time Machine only.

Ahh, okay. Unfortunately that’s about all I can help as I’m not up-to-date on Mac stuff.