Drobo thinks a drive is bad.... but..

So, my second drobo, (2nd gen, FW800 version) thinks one of my drives are bad. They all are Western Digital WB20EADS-00R6B0. I First got 2, and then recently I upgraded to 4, and last weekend reformatted the drobo to 16tb, and started transferring my files all over again. When it got to about 3 tb on the drobo, it started flashing lights… amber and green, on all drives. And the drobo said it had to relay out to the other discs. I assumed it was because I put so much on it, so fast. So after about 3 days of lights flashing, I got up one morning, and everything was fine. All Green. So I started loading some more files… When I got up the next morning, the second drive from the top was flashing red and amber, and the rest were green and amber, indicating a drive failure. I then removed the drive, and ran both Western Digital Lifeguard tools on it, and also Spinrite. Both did not indicate any problem. But when I reinstall it in the drobo, it still indicated that drive has failed.

In life guard tools, it indicated the firmware of the drive is 01.00A01, there are no firmware updated available from WDC…

The drobo is in firmware 1.3.5

My PC is running Windows 7.

And the drobo now goes from being seen on windows, to dropping off. I even hear the usb making connect and disconnect sounds.

So i guess, how can i know if a drive is really bad, when the only device that thinks its bad is the drobo?

Update… So I bought a Hitatchi 2TB over the weekend, and put it in. I have the flashing green and ambers that it does when it is doing the data relay… but windows is constantly losing USB, and then reconnecting…

Edit… when windows loses the USB connection, All lights are red on the drobo… then the drobo appears to reboot, and when it does, it flashes amber and green… I will time it next…

Edit 2, It only stays on for about 1 minute 45 seconds… then reboots… about 4 minutes… I am going to have to open a ticket.

Definitely open a ticket, and remember to update the forum on how it goes either way!

Is there an update to this issue? I’m having a very similar scenario.


unfortunately this was your mistake.

that would never happen - this was the clue that something was wrong,

i suspect a drive stopped responding/took too long to respond.

if you had set up e-mail alerts (which from the sounds of things you havent) it would have e-mailed you to tell you something was wrong (most likely that it detected a drive was “removed”)