Drobo takes long time to load folders and subfolders.


I have 2 Drobo’s B800fs connected via LAN, one of the folder have many subfolders. When opening a folder (100MB images) its taking about 20sec-35sec which is too long. I still have 2TB free space. Dont know what the problem is?

My company have a LAN network and Drobo is connected to this. Does Drobo use Internet to upload/download files?, so whenever i plugin my ethernet cable on my MAC I can see Drobo in share network area where I use my login credentials to access my contents.

hi dipesh,
do you have any anytivirus tools running which are pre-scaning files and folder when they are opened?
can i also check what the used/free % of space is?

btw how many files are in that folder, and which display mode are you using on the folder? (for example, full thumbnail mode, or just details columns)?