Drobo support win7?

Hi… i using windows 7- 64bit… and havin problems creating a partition. keeps telling me to use windowsdisk management tool for this funtion… when i go to there it shows the new disk but not initialzed as when i try it keeps telling to refresh or close the disk management and if problem occurs again to reboot comp whiich starts the whole thing problem from thge start again with no luck… Drobo shows all green with no problems other wise… Was wondering if supports 64bit or not?.. anyone guide me to whats wrong at all please :slight_smile:

It does support 64-bit fine. im not sure what your issue is, i thikn you need to talk us through the steps you are following in a clearer fashion.#

" keeps telling me to use windowsdisk management tool for this funtion "

WHAT keeps telling you that?

Sounds like your Drobo may not be formatted?

Install Drobo Dashboard and let it format the Drobo. This will set up Thin Provisioning and format the volume. This is pretty much the only time you need Drobo Dashboard. Once the Drobo is formatted, you can take it to any machine that supports the interface (USB/Firewire/eSATA/iSCSI) and filesystem.

Thx for the replies… everything is installed ok… Drobo Dashboard… Problem is when i gone through the the start part i get to a stage where the drobo ask select name & volume… Then i click fomat all i get after is a pop up from drobo saying this below -
Unable to creat a partition. Try using the windows disc management tool for this function…
When i click ok all goes off again, I go to the windows disc management like drobo say to and there is no new drive showing to click on to create a partition with. Only shows old drive already in… Drobo is not formatting the drives and says sometimes and does not create a partition… Any ideas please guys :slight_smile:

Do reset from dashboard, when drobo reboots, should be prompted to format.

Are you connected via FW or USB?

i am connected by the esata lead and still not formatting keeps tellin me the same thing as i written in above statements… Sometimes when i reboot my computer with the Drobo connected and shut it down it feezes my computer from restarting up normally… But the drives will not still format for me[hr]
connected by esata lead… still no luck in formatting drives

Connect via USB then format.

Yes that worked… All is working fine, i pluged in usb and striaght away and drobo did a format… While i am here just like to ask if a single volume or showing different each volume of hard drives best? does it matter as the protection the same if a fault happens? … Just like also to thank you and everyone for there help and support in here :slight_smile:

Either way works, does not change how your data is protected.

Thank you! to everyone for your help Drobo is workin great! to my relief… Great support here so thank you :slight_smile:

glad to hear it :slight_smile: