DROBO Support Unresponsive

Does anyone have any advice on getting a response from Drobo Tech Support? I typically have a delay of at least 3 days between responses from Tech Support, while I respond within 30 minutes or less. We purchased a B1200i with Drobocare under the impression that we would receive enterprise level support, but have been disappointed so far. Am I the only one having this experience? Any advice would be helpful!

I’ve disappointed for over a year. My equipment never performed as they advertised. Now they want me to buy another year of drobo care for solving a problem that persist since i bought the equipment. BS.

drobo support treats customers like they are doing them a favour just replying never mind how long it takes worst customer service I have ever come across just like you would expect with Chinese unbranded junk but 10 times the price

you have to update your ticket via the web portal.
anytime i have ever opened a ticket and responded to the email they send it never updates their ticket system so they don’t respond. I have told them this several times yet in every email you get from them it says.
“You can update your case at My Cases or by replying to this email.”
“You may reply to this email with the diagnostic attached, or you may upload the diagnostic using your support account.”

yet if you do reply by email you get no reply, and the next email you get is:
“We have not heard back from you regarding your recent request for assistance (Reference number: xxxxxxxxxxxx), so we are checking in to see if there’s anything else we can do to help.”

good luck!