Drobo Support site not working properly

In the My Support Account area, clicking on Product Registration or My Registered Products just takes me back to the Overview page. This happens in Safari, Firefox and Opera - all of the browsers I have access to. Is everyone having this problem, or could it be a problem with my account? I am logged it.

maybe try logging out, closing all browsers, clearing cache (and cookie for that site) and then try and log back in.

it could also be problem with the main site but i scribbled my details somewhere and nned to find them

I have tried that, I’ve also tried it on different computers/browsers that I’ve never used for the Drobo site before - even Windows XP with Internet Explorer 7 gave the same problem.

I click on Product Registration or My Registered Products, it brings up a page that says Please Wait… and then takes me back to the Overview page (which then tells me I’m logged in).

Could there be something relating to my username if this isn’t affecting everyone? My username has – characters in the middle.

Same problem on WIN7 and IE9.

It was broken a couple weeks ago (verified by my account rep there), then working for a short amount of time.

Guess that portion of the site is having database connection problems again.