Drobo support and Power Supply lights

Pretty quiet here – just in case anyone stumbles upon this, I’ll share a story of a recent support case with Drobo. I’ve got a 5N2 that up & died one day. I contacted support, and went through some back & forth emails to diagnose. Consensus from support, since I was seeing a solid green light on the PS, was that the Drobo unit was shot. I was given the option to pay to replace the unit, and agreed. I sent in the old unit; they sent back a refurb, but I experienced the same problem. We wound up repeating the same exercise a couple more times before they finally had me send in the PS with the Drobo chassis, and the new PS did the trick.

Bottom line - Drobo support hung in there to the end, but the process took a while, and in hindsight, it looks like it’s possible for the PS to show a solid green light and still be no good. Lesson learned.

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