Drobo suddenly not backing up

I seldom access my Drobo as it has worked perfectly -until now!
I had cause to access a photographic image that I had inadvertently erased and was astonished to discover that Drobo had not backed up since October 18th!

I use a MacPro with Snow Leopard and TimeMachine.

Any help gratefully received.

Any error messages from Time Machine?
Can you back up now?

I am not aware of any Time machine error message.
I have just checked Time machine again and apart from ‘Now - today’ the next previous backup is Sunday 18th October,
then previous to that.
I tried to restore from the 18/10/09 backup but although I have a 250G HD just for my Applications was told ‘insufficient room’
I have a total of four HDs in my MacPro - hence the need for Drobo!

Possibly contact Apple for support for their Time Machine. Maybe they can pull a log or diagnostic to see why Time Machine was not backing up.

Another go at this long standing problem.
I have had my MacPro into the ‘Genius Bar’ at the Bath Apple Store twice now. They have been very good and given it a vigorous and protracted survey. They could find no fault with the Mac nor Time Machine although on the second occasion they did manage to get it apparently functioning. On returning the machine home I managed to get a back updone but no subsequent back ups.
Attached my usual screen message.
The Apple experts suggested it might be a Drobo hardware problem.
You will see that this only started to be a problem when I increased my Drobo storage

/Users/peterbasterfield/Desktop/Screen shot 2010-09-13 at 12.02.33.png

ok seems to be the same problem i’m have. I’ve got to my Drobo set up for future proofing (16T) though i’ve got 6T in it, how do i deal with time machine thinking it has 16T and delete the old files? or do i do it manually? if manual does it delete the ‘protection’ file as well? i just replaced a 1T with a 2T deleted my oldest back up added 200g of photos and can’t fully back up!!! says i’ve got 465G for expansion… so atm i don’t have back up… and i’m scared.


When using a Drobo with Time machine we recommend creating a partition smaller than than what’s available on your drobo because TM keeps writing to the size of the volume.


and if we haven’t and don’t want to lose our data? what can we do?

Migrate your data off of drobo and reformat and create a TM partition.

oh, i was hoping to continue until i reached the 16T but they just arn’t getting the HD big enough fast enough… :frowning:

Not so easy when you already have Tbs of images and that is what you bought the Drobo for! Not happy.