Drobo sucks a fat one

I have had 2 Drobo 5Ns die on me, both mysteriously stopped working. This time it’s a green power light, a single blue HDD space light, and all HDD lights are amber no matter what I do. I can ping the device, but I can not see it in the dashboard. No support, no ability to add support, and no way to purchase any other device as there are never-ending “supply chain issues”. This should not be an issue when you have chosen to backup in this fashion, you have spent tons of money, and you have many Tb of data that you need back. Drobo, your product and your support suck, I pray I can find a way to get my data back which includes memories of my daughter, and never go back to your crap product.

Others on this forum have mentioned UFS Explorer to recover data from Drobo disk packs. I’ve never tried them myself, but it’s worht a shot to recovery your data:

Good luck!