Drobo stuck

Drobopro get stuck

Hi everybody,
I have a drobopro (firmware 1.2.1) with 5x3Gb + 3x2Gb, almost full of medias, connected to a Windows 7 64b through iSCSI. I use that like a nas through nfs share.

Yesterday evening, I was archiving some datas when the system did not respond anymore, suddenly. (drobo dashboard said no drobo detected)
I saw the 8 higher blue leds on and the two lowest off.
I tried to switch on/off the computer, the drobopro, several times and nothing worked

This evening, I removed all hard drives and started the drobopro. Drobo dashboard saw it and ask me to update the firmware. I replyed yes… just in case.

Then, I restarted and now, when I put back all hd inside, I get 8 red lights and the 8 higher blue leds on and the two lowest off. Obviously, drobodashboard does not see the device

Any help would be appreciated

Please submit a support ticket with a diagnostic file attached right away. You will need to boot it up empty again so that it can connect to Dashboard, and then generate the diagnostic file.

Thanks Sky for your reply,
Finally it seems not be needed. I had a phonecall with European support and they suggested me to try another pack of hd to be sure that the drobopro is not damaged. It has worked fine with another set of hd.

So I put back my hd inside and I made several tries, removing every disc one by one, trying to restart, drobo and pc, completely after each removing. After the 7th try, I was able to make it start again. It seems that drobopro recognised one of my HD as faulty… Even if this HD is working properly on another computer. But, it doesn’t matter. I replaced it by a new 3 Tb one.

The bad side is that the drobo is reconstructing datas with the new HD, but drobodashboard is giving me around 600 hours to rebuild everything ! Usually it was something like 72 to 130 hours… Not 600… Even with dual redondancy enabled !

Anyway, I am using this time to clean my drobo by deleting double files and old files but I feel it is too long !


Drobo Dashboard’s estimate of rebuild time is not very accurate - and any access will slow things down even further.
The adage of “a watched pot never boils” definitely applies here. :slight_smile: