Drobo stuck - red power light

Hi gang,

My Drobo started acting oddly when under heavy usage last week. It started to report incorrect usage (used amount much less than actual used space). Then it rebooted with the lower two drive lights lit up red. It then went into data protection mode, which took a week to complete (I have 2 x 2TB and 2x 1.5 TB drives in the unit). Today it is finally done, however it won’t mount on my desktop (Mac Pro, OS 10.6), and is not seen by Disc utility or by Drobo Desktop. Currently all four drive lights are steady green. The power light is steady red. All of the blue lights are lit up except the light furthest to the right.

Any ideas what I should do next?


Shut down your computer.
Unplug the data cable then the power.
Eject all drives (you only have to drag them out about two inches and leave them in their bays).
Start your computer.
Plug in your data cable then the power.
Open Drobo Dashboard.
Put your drobo into standby via the Dashboard.
Unplug data cable then power.
Re-seat all drives by pushing on each until it connects firmly to the backplane.
Reconnect the the data cable then the power.

Thanks for the quick reply! I’ll try this when I get home.