Drobo stuck in the final stage of starting up.

Drobo FS shares didn’t appear so I rebooted Drobo. Here’s the symptoms:

  1. Can connect using Dashboard but can’t do much - says it’s in the final stage of starting up. It’s been like this for hours!

  2. All the LEDs are green on the side. Everything appears to be working.

  3. No shares on any of my other computers.

  4. Tried to SSH into it but the connection is refused.

  5. Was running firmware 1.2.6, so I powered down, pulled out all the drives, started back up and reloaded 1.2.6. That didn’t help. The drives are back in, LEDs are green but no change.

  6. I was running DroboApps, with the latest crashplan.

Not sure what to do now? I can’t get into the box or disable DroboApps cause Dashboard doesn’t allow me to log in.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.


I did a pinhole reset of the Drobo with the drives out. I can now see my shares on the network and SSH into the box.

However, Dashboard still won’t allow me to login and I’m getting the message, “Your drobo is in the final stage of starting up…” even hour more than 4 hours.

Any ideas from here what to do???


I can see how the Dashboard thing is bothersome, but if I may be blunt let me ask you this: Is everything working again? You say the shares are back up, and I assume all the apps are behaving normally. If that is the case, I wouldn’t bother about the Dashboard too much.

Well, everything is not working again. I can’t log in to Dashboard so I can no longer change my shares or permissions, etc. I’ve got too much data (1.7TB) stored for me to perform a pin-hole reset with the drives installed. Someone out there must know who to debug and fix this?


hi, when you say this:

“3) No shares on any of my [other] computers.”

if this means that you [can] access all the data currently from 1 [particular] computer, id start copying the data somewhere else as a backup if you can, while you can, before you try changing anything further…

Hi all!!

Have the same problem, any suggestions?


hi were you also running crashplan apps too?

Really no, just running transmission, apache and pureftpd…
Try switch off, take out all hdd’s, run again the drobo without hdd’s, switch off again from drobo dashboard, install hdd’s, run again the system but nothing change. Must say that have low space in disk.
Thinks thats all, any idea what to do?


hi dakalgoiti, could you take a screenshot of your dashboard main screens (with the drive slots), when drobo is connected and with your drives already in etc, and to maybe upload to dropbox or simialr? would be good to see the image.

Hi Paul,

Here are the photos:

First the state of the Drobo Dashboard 1 // Drobo Dashboard 2 // Drobo Dashboard 3 // Drobo Dashboard 4
You can see the photos in the links. Like you can see many options of the Dashboard are disabled and is stuck in the final stage.

Then turn off the drobo, take off the hdd’s and turn on again.
Drobo Dashboard 5 // Drobo Dashboard 6
Now the disabled options are enabled and the disk bay’s are empty.

Finally turn off again, insert the hdd’s, turn on and was like at the begining.

Sorry for the delay, but can’t do before.


thanks for the screens,
(sorry to the original poster didnto mean to takeover your thread i forgot to ask dak to make a new thread but since its here…)

hi dak, from your screens, it looks like you have SDR (protection against 1 drive failure) does this sound correct?
im just thinking out loud here, about the idea of powering off the drobo, and while power is off to remove the yellow 3tb drive, and to then power on again to try to force a rebuild, but can i check if you have any backups of important data beforehand?[hr]
(Important - these are just questions… please dont do anything just yet)…

Hi Paul,

Thanks for your time. I will try to do like you say, but before, want to know if this will erase my hdd’s?. I have a lot of things (13tb more or less) and haven’t got the possibility to move another device.
Another question is, if i turn off the Drobo, take off the hdd’s, turn on again and plug in on hot the hdd’s, what will happen in this case?


well, the way im seeing things, under normal cirumstances the SDR protection protects you from 1 drive failure.
so in the case of a drive failing, id imagine 2 main ways for this.

1a) where the drive fails at the point of the drobo being switched off (and noticed when the drobo is next switched onn)
1b) where the drive fails at the point of the drobo being switched on (which is also noticed when the drobo is switched on)
2) where the drobo is in use, with working drives, but then a drive fails. (which is noticed during running use of the drobo)

(there might be a few variations inbetween stages of failing, or during a rebuild etc but i think of those 2 mainly)

one way to simulate a drive failure, is to boot up all the way, (discharge any static from yourself etc) and to then eject a drive. after several seconds id imagine it going into rebuild mode. (there have been some reports that if the same drive is pushed back in again, that the array recognises it as being part of the disk pack, but it might just blank it and then re-assimilate it into the pack, via a rebuild.

however, as your drobo does not seem to be booting up all the way (at least from dashboards point of view), and if your shares are not mounting and no data is available, then im thinking maybe a removal of that 3tb drive while power is off, and then a bootup, might get it past its stuck point. (however, if your drobo didnt have much free space, it might not rebuild with sdr again). If it didnt rebuild, then the drive that we took out, should still be part of the disk pack (as i believe a rebuild re-defines the pack) but we’d have to see what happens before trying the other 3tb to avoid getting the “too many drives removed message”.

Please dont Hot plug the drives as for yoru last question because im pretty sure that you will wipe your data that way :slight_smile:
i think lets wait to see what some other users think, as its always good to get a second opinion, and in case i made a mistake as havent had enough coffee at this hour yet :smiley:

hang in there buddy and hopefully a solution can be found for you

The good news is that since you do see the Drobo without any disks, then the odds of rescuing it are very good. The bad news is that it requires quite a bit of tinkering.

Just a few things first: DO NOT, under any circumstance, add the drives one by one with the FS turned on. This is a guaranteed way to delete everything. Second, do not try to force a repair. If you do, in fact, have a defective drive, you’d be playing russian roulette with your data because you could pull a good drive out and leave the defective for the rebuild. As you can imagine, this kills the data.

My opinion is that the FS found a filesystem error and is trying to correct it. Since you have 11.5TB worth of data in there, it will take a loooong while. It is very simple to see if this is the case. Do you hear any disk activity from the Drobo? Can you feel the disks’ activity when you place your hand on it? If so, it is very likely that a filesystem repair is in progress (a.k.a. fsck).

As I mentioned above, the only sure way to confirm this (and to eventually recover your data if not) requires quite a bit of tinkering. We (end users) now know that the FS has a serial port on its motherboard that gives access to a console with full root access very early in the boot process. From that root console you can do anything, including export the whole Drobo diskpack as a raw block device for other machines to repair.

If you manage to get a TTL to USB converter (very easy to find, it is the same that Arduino enthusiasts use all the time, and it costs about USD 5 on ebay), and are not afraid of disassembling the Drobo FS, we can get your Drobo up and running in (almost) no time.

This will be pretty difficult if you’ve never done any kind of tinkering, but if you ever assembled a PC you are more than qualified. If you feel this is above what you are comfortable with, then just give it some time. It’ll probably take a few days, but it is very likely that it will come up again.

Unfortunately, I’m having the exact same problem that just started a few hours ago. I was trying [unsuccessfully] to get crashplan working again and restarted FS [crasgokab has been out of commission for almost 9 months]. I also installed perl5. Have since removed both and restarted DroboFS multiple times. Will now take your advice and let it go for a while [I can feel the discs spinning/heads writing].

The DroboFS hasn’t been rebooted for a few weeks so not sure when the problem may have started [or if they are related to new install of crashplan or perl5] but it has been working fine.

I have not taken out any of the drives fearing that it will erase.

Please keep us updated with any other information.



This is not good … over 36 hours and DroboFS is still reporting “Your Drobo … final stages of booting up …”.

There are 4 x 3 TB and 1 x 2 TB drives. Total used = 6.23 TB. If it is rebuilding/fixing something … should it be taking this long?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. [not freaking out quite yet but getting there].



Some good news. Using WinSCP, I have successfully copied some random files off of DroboFS. DroboFS folder structure and files appear to be intact. I must have pooched something w.r.t. connecting externally when trying to get crashplan working.

I have 2 Win7 machines accessing the FS and they both get the same ‘… final stage…’ message.

Any suggestions?



thanks ricardo for your post, (dak please see if you can progress those ideas with ricardo for the recovery)

hi neil, if you can see all your data via winscp, i think you might as well copy and paste (and verify) the data somewhere else before you try to fully fix the bootup issue, just in case.

Do you have minidlna installed, by any chance? I’ve seen some reports of minidlna causing that message.

Too much data to copy unless I buy something else.

minidlna is not installed.