Drobo stuck in data recovery mode...

I have an older Drobo unit that was made in 2011. When I was backing up some data to it recently, it went into Data Protect mode and will not come back out of it. It is flashing green and amber. It is horribly slow to pull any data off of the drive. Data protect is saying that it will run for 4,000hrs. Obviously, I do not have 6 months to wait. Has anyone else had this problem? I have a ton of data on here and am really freaking out at this point.

How much data? Any chance you can copy it all to a single external drive?

No backups?

The rebuild time in Dashboard can fluctuate quite a bit. How full was your unit?

I don’t have any complete backups. This is where the complete storage was handled. I have about 4TB of data on here right now. I have tried to start moving things onto another hard drive, but to move 40GB it took 36hrs :([hr]

Unit had a total of 8TB…so about half full.