Drobo stops with a Yellow light when pluged in

So, I have a 5D and when plugged into either my computer or laptop and I turn the Drobo on, it starts booting but when its done booting, it stopps with a Yellow power light.

but when I boot the drobo not connected to a PC, it boots fine and then plug it in, it seems to work ok… I get random disconnects here and there, but seems to work

the random disconnects are a problem also.

the big issue here is that I have a new drobo, was just replaced and this new one is the problem, so it’s a drobo issue. (I did swap out the drives and never reformatted, but I don’t see how that could be the issue?

so, long story short, it will not boot plugged into either the PC or laptop.


Did you also change power supply and USB cable? Since you already replaced the Drobo chassis, those two would be next on my list.