Drobo still exists?

My 5N’s fan has stopped spinning and I want to replace it with a 5N2. On the 7th August, somebody in support told me that there would be inventory in 2 weeks, ie 3 weeks ago.

I have sent an email to sales but got no response.

I sent another email yesterday to drobo, still no response.

I checked on the website and the 5N2 is out of stock everywhere, USA and Europe.

So the question has to be whether Drobo is still in business because if you don’t have products to sell, I’m not sure how you have a business?

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From their Recent Announcements section…

The Coronavirus outbreak in China has affected a number of our suppliers & partners. This has caused a delay in availability of parts and of our production lines. We appreciate your understanding & patience as we ramp up supply. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.​

How long ago was that? Nobody replies to emails. You’d think they have time to post regular updates.

Not reassuring.

Drobo has become complete crap. If they are still in business, considering their abysmal tech support, they won’t be in business long. My Drobo 5D3 is still under warranty. I’ve tried for the past two-months to get this “bricked” unit to reboot / connect. Tech support is completely useless (when you can get them to reply to your email) . . . about once every two or three weeks . . . always with the same worthless suggestions (Case ID# 200821-99747). Having given up on ever having this high-priced trotline weight fixed, I’ve started looking at more reputable companies. My suggestion - never squander your money on a Drobo. And, maybe a trip to small claims court in rural West Texas might alert the company to their flagrant fraud regarding their “warranty.” DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON DROBO!

I just received an email from Drobo. Nothing for sale in the UK until at least January…

I need to get mine working to transfer all the data to a new system.