Drobo stays in standby mode after Dashboard 1.5.1 update


My Drobo used to come out of standy mode almost immediately after I would wake my 2009 Mac Mini (connected via FW800).

After applying the Drobo Dashboard 1.5.1 (1.5.19930) update, the Drobo now stays in standby mode until I actually request data from the Drobo.

This is really annoying as I use the Drobo as part of my Home Theatre solution for my digital media storage and access it using Plex on OS X.

For example - if I request a movie to watch, the Drobo now has to come out of standy mode before the movie data can be accessed. This takes 30 seconds or more which is really annoying when waiting for the movie to start.

Prior to the latest Dashboard update, the Drobo would have already come out of standby mode (when the Mac Mini woke up) and the data would be available by the time I had picked a movie to watch. Playback would then be immediate.

I have also applied the Drobo Firmware: 1.3.3 (1.250.19855) update, but my problem still remains.

Has anyone else come across this issue and found a solution.


Easy to take care of, simply create a cron job which will run at boot and for example copy an empty file from your home partition to your drobo, this will wake the device up before you actually need it.
You can do that manually
or using cronnix, which however doesn’t allow the @reboot function, therefore you can create the command such as
cp -R /mypath/totheoriginal/file /path/to/drobo in cronnix, but then manually edit it in crontab removing all the numbers in front of the command and replacing them with ‘@reboot’ in the terminal.
“crontab -e” opens cron in edit mode
(you may need to create the crontab first)
sudo touch /etc/crontab
Use the system user in cronnix to schedule the job for boot time execution.

Another way is using launchd http://developer.apple.com/documentation/Darwin/Reference/Manpages/man5/launchd.plist.5.html#//apple_ref/doc/man/5/launchd.plist with Lingon as GUI http://lingon.sourceforge.net/
This is the “apple suggested” way to schedule jobs in the system, but I personally prefer cron, whichever works for you is the way to go :slight_smile:

Thanks BioTeq,

Will do some reading on this to get my head around it.

As the Mac Mini has already booted up and is just asleep, will I be able to achieve the same result.

ah, I didn’t see that you meant sleep not restart :slight_smile:
Cron won’t work, Launchd will, however you’ll need to schedule a job to run say every 15 minutes.
Each job that is scheduled to run during sleep will be remembered by launchd and executed upon wake up.
unfortunately Cron doesn’t do that.