Drobo Space Slowdown

Can anyone answer the question as to why the drobo seems to slow down as its overall capacity decreases?!

I have more than 50% space left, and am getting less than the 38MB/s throughput i was getting when the total amount of freespace was near 0%. I’m getting about 8Mbps now on FW800.


The drobo doesn’t slow down at percentage full.

I would recommend a repair disk or chkdsk.
Trying a different FW cable/port.

If you are still experiencing performance issues, I would recommend opening up a support case.

The cable is practically brand new and there is only one FW800 port on a Macbook pro.

That said, it’s a very strange phenomenon. Nothing else is accessing the drobo except for finder. Streaming three 650MB Quick time movies at the same time chokes the drobo. Four drives, all healthy and only weeks old.

I’ve seen others complaining about similar issues.

Did you run a repair disk?

I haven’t seen a blanket slowdown (I’m at 3.5 TiB used of 5 TiB), but have noticed that certain file sizes transfer at different rates. Larger files tend to go faster compared to smaller files.