Drobo Slow to get going

Howdy, New to the forum. Just bought a Drobo V2 and loaded it up with 4 1.5 Tb Seagate Barracuda Drives (7200 RPM).
I am still a bit worried about having all my data on it, As it’s my first hard drive array.
Anyway the problem
I have a mac mini (intel and use FW800) and an apple TV. With my Lacie 2TB accessing my tv shows over the network was very quick, but with the drobo its intermittently slow. Usually after watching something thats longer than say 35 mins it will be slow to get the next show, But was happening for some Music videos (3-4 mins). Is anyone else experiencing this. There are sections of Drobo’s support page for the preventing the Drobo pro from sleeping but not a standard Drobo.

Any help would be great.

If you have recently set up Drobo, it may still be going through its internal optimization.

Your Mac may also be busy indexing its content.

yup, i’d let it settle for a day or 2 and it will be worth the wait.
ive got a v1 and a v2 (apparently there a 4-slot v3 too but i havnet got that), and when i do lots of activity its ok, but then after it goes into tidy up / optimise mode, but after that, its pretty neat.

apart from the original Diamond RIO (transparent blue usa-only 128MB “original” mp3 player), the Drobo is the 2nd best thing ive ever bought :slight_smile: