Drobo shuts down randomly

I’m not positive that the Drobo is actually shutting down but here is what happens…

All of the lights on the entire unit turn off. We have the Drobo plugged into an airport extreme. We’ve got two macs plugged into the airport extreme.

Drobo has been running very well for months (probably about 8-12). Recently it started to randomly turn off. Unplugging the Drobo, then the Airport, letting them sit for a few minutes and then plugging the Airport back in first and the Drobo second seems to solve the problem for a while…

We have never upgraded the firmware.

Suggestions to fix the problem? Has anyone else experienced this?

Well clearly the first answer is - upgrade the firmware!
The fact that you’ve never upgraded is nothing to be proud of, and before even asking you should have performed it.
I’m sometimes connecting my Drobo to the Time Capsule via USB, without any issues

Try the following suggestions to refine the location of the problem:

  1. Safely shut down Drobo , move it, connect it directly to your host computer using USB (a different cable), power it up, and start using Drobo.

If Drobo still goes into standby mode frequently, then the problem does not reside with Airport Extreme or the cable. Please contact Data Robotics technical support.

If Drobo does not keep going into standby mode, then Drobo is fine, and the problem lies with Airport Extreme or the cable.

  1. Try using a different USB cable to connect Drobo to Airport Extreme.

If the problem stops, then you have a faulty cable.

If the problem persists, the problem probably lies with Airport Extreme. Please contact Apple for support on Airport Extreme.

I looked at my drives, 500GB drives with 850ma of current draw on the 12 volt line. I think the power supply is too small for 4 drives + logic and fan. Mine did the same until I changed the power supply with another PS from a drobo.


Mine does the same thing, and I’ve got the latest firmware. The drive is partitioned per the knowledge base. After a while the partition that is not used as a TM backup will disappear in the APE, then the TM partition will beach ball the finder if I try to access it. This happens when the drobo goes into standby, and the only way to get it back is rebooting the APE. Some people have had luck downgrading the firmware on the APE. I tried this, no joy for me.

So I guess the only fix is droboshare with the insomnia app and go through the hoops to set up a network smb TM share. I hope the drobo/droboshare is a better NAS appliance than the APE.

I’ve got 500+ bucks in this setup, hoping that it would work as advertised, so far I am disappointed. There should be a setting to turn off the standby time.

… And I had to replace the fan - $15 - it had died and the Drobo was shutting down because it was overheating