Drobo Showing up 70TB but is actually 10TB...?

First off I’m not sure where to post this… so please move it to the appropriate forum if this is incorrect.

I have installed 4 x 4TB Samsung SSD EVO disks. total 16TB that shows 10.72 TB actual disk space because of redundancy.
But on finder it shows 70 TB…?

When I did a formatting on the drobo it shows that I have chosen a maximum volume size of 64TB but available is 10.7TB…

So I suspect that drobo software somehow is using the maximum possible size to show in finder for the disk instead of the actual available disk space… Seems like a bug that would be very good to correct…

I find it hard to trust using the disk when it shows incorrect in finder where I am going to use to transfer the files… Do you have any work rounds for me to solve this ? I don’t know if I can chose anything else than 64TB in the formatting process… ?

What I have tried:

  • Erase and factory reset the entire device
  • Reformatting all drives again
  • Reinstalling Drobo Dashboard
  • Repair in OSX Disk Utilities
  • Erase and formatting using OSX Disk Utilities

Here you can see the formatting process and what it says:

Just got an answer from support:

To answer your question, with the current firmware version Drobo now supports one large 64TB volume, essentially this is a Thin Provision Volume.
Specifying a maximum 64TB volume size, allows you to grow into the volume without having to reformat or migrate your data, this is beneficial when adding larger size drives to Drobo.
Due to drive size variances and overhead, the operating system may show higher than 64TB. This is perfectly okay.