Drobo showing new drive as failed

I just put in 3 new drives over the past week or two, now after my Mac Mini had to force reboot a couple of times my Drobo is showing a bad drive.
the one of the new 5TB drives is bad after a week?
I put this into a windows machine and run a couple utilities but nothing is found and the drive works great, once I put it back in the drobo it turns red.

Any help to resolve this please?

Drobo has more stringent standards for drive reliability beyond the standard SMART specs, so it may fail a drive that might not otherwise show as faulty. Manufacturer’s drive diagnostics may not show all issues either, as they do not want drives returned…but of course it’s harder to RMA a drive that doesn’t show a hard failure.

What make/model drive is it? Can you return the drive for a replacement?

I’ve never had a problem RMAing a Western Digital drive that failed in my Drobo – even when it was later discovered that my Drobo was itself faulty and rejecting perfectly good drives. Seagate…well, here’s this utility to download and give us the error code before RMA. At least, that was their RMA procedure a few years ago before I went exclusively WD.