Drobo Setup 101

Hello All,

When I setup my first 1st Gen Drobo I didn’t do a very good job for handling scaling and thus have a 2TB config with more than 2TB of physical drive space. I think I know the answers to my questions but would appreciate confirmation from someone more Drobo-fficient than I.

Anyhow, please confirm/correct the following:

  • No matter the physical size of my drive pack, I can always format a “New Volume” when Drobo Dashboard tells me WITHOUT HOSING MY EXISTING DATA.

  • With every drive I add/replace that bumps me into another 2TB volume, the Dashboard will prompt me to do the same.

Additional questions are:

  • Is there a redundancy requirement per 2TB volume or per Drive Pack?

  • Will a physical drive failure affect multiple 2TB volumes.

Thank you very much for your help.

Best Regards.

Formatting new volumes does not touch your existing volumes.

Every time you exceed 2TB in available space for what you have already formatted for, you will be prompted to format a new 2TB volumes. So when you exceed 2TB, you will be prompted to format a 2nd 2TB, when you exceed 4TB you will be prompted to format a 3rd 2TB volume.

No matter if you have 1 large 16 TB or 4 x 4TB volumes, the redundancy size remains the same.

When a drive fails, your overall available space will decrease.

Many thanks. :slight_smile: