Drobo second gen -- media server

I would like to know if the drobo second gen unit can be used as a media
server for movies.

the unit has 4 X 2tera hard drives installed and I have the droboshare functional

I have transferred some of my movies to the drobo
I can play them from the drobo to my pc

but I would like to share it so my O’Player media unit can detect the drobo like my other shared hard drives and play the movies on my TV

I see the drobo on my desktop as Drobo on ‘DroboShare (DroboShare)’ (Z: )
the drobo is not “shared” in the sense of drive sharing with windows

if I bring up the properties of the drobo I see a security folder with lots of options. I need to know what options and permissions to grant, so I can achieve my goal – if thats possible

the O’player recognizes my local network and any pc with shared internal drives. I managed to get an external usb drive shared by granting permissions to “Everyone” for that usb drive and by changing the drive letter to F instead of F$ for example.

can that process work for drobo? in the drobo properties there is no “sharing” options, just the security and permissions options

Are you on a droboshare?

yes I am – it is installed and fully functional

as a further note to the questions and statements in my posting

from what I have read in this forum and considering what Im trying to accomplish,

would it be better not to use droboshare and have the drobo connected directly to a pc
by firewire800 or USB and then use the normal procedures regarding sharing and permissions? I will be using Windows Vista 32 bit version or Windows 7 64 bit version.
after reading info regarding Windows 7 and firewire 800, would it be better to use firewire 400 with 6 pin to 9 pin cable? I think I have a legacy firewire 400 pci adapter
card with an 9 pin port-- I was told that arrangement would act as 32 bit which would be half the speed of a 64 bit pci-express 1X slot card that Im currently using

I would assume that if I give “Everyone” access then any computer on my local network and the O’Player media player should see the shared drobo.

my network is gigabit for hubs and adapter cards

please advise

Yes but, keep in mind that workstation class (ie, non-Server) Windows versions have a 10-connection limit. This is not the same as the TCP connection limit (where there are several “patches” floating around).

Mapped network shares (mapped drive letters) do count as a connection, so this will severely limit the number of simultaneous shares you can support. If you only have one or two clients it may not matter, though.

Firewire is a repeater-based bus, so it’ll slow down to the speed of the slowest device on the chain. So connecting a Firewire 400 devices to a Firewire 800 bus will slow the entire bus down to 400 speed.

Your Firewire 400 card should have a 4-pin or 6-pin port. You’ll need a converter cable (recommended) or adapter (not recommended) to run from the Drobo’s Firewire 800 port to the Firewire 400 card. Given that the Drobo V2 is the limiting factor on throughput, either interface would be fine.

Also, FW400 is about the same speed as USB.

ok I disconnected the droboshare and connected the drobo to windows 7 with firewire 800. so far so good

the drobo was indeed shared across my network

tried to transfer 3 1g files. each crapped out halfway throught the transfer. they started off ok and at really fast speed then abruptly stopped.

disconnect the firewire 800. now using USB – a bit slower speed – but everything works well including the main goal, in all of this, which was to
have my O’Player recognize the drobo on the network and play videos on my TV

I hope that the firewire 800 issue can be resolved soon

thanks for all the responses

Do you have the unibrain driver installed for FW on your windows machine?