Drobo S works on win xp sp2?

hi guys do you know if a drobo s will work on xp sp2?

i noticed that on this page (bottom of page, more specs):

it sounds like it needs this:
•Windows XP SP3 32 and 64 bit

but on this page:
it sounds like drobo needs
•Windows XP SP3 32 and 64 bit
(which i know is “not” needed since drobo gen1 and gen2 works fine on my xp sp2 machine)

if someone can help confirm if a Drobo S can work with xp sp2 (or if it 100% cant) that would be great?


(just posting here as a new thread since its mainly related to a Drobo S but it’s part related to this thread)

I’m pretty sure I connected it to my XP machine.

There’s no vendor-supplied driver or software required, so the only “roadblock” is XP (32-bit)'s inability to access GPT volumes.

As long as you format the Drobo S to XP-compatible (<= 2TB volumes), I really can’t think of a reason why it would have an issue. I’d confirm on my XP laptop (trust me, there are still a small number of weird things that require “real” XP on real hardware shrug I’m weird) but it’s already on SP3.

If you really need to confirm, I can make arrangements to check on a fresh XP SP2 machine, but it’ll take a few weeks as I’m busy with completing projects, before I go on vacation.

thats a very kind offer bhiga,

(hopefully someone else or sky :slight_smile: can help confrm before you spend any more time from yourside)

any reason why you cant go to SP3 paul?

ah lots of things setup nicely on that machine and multi projects on the go using utils .net moviemaker plugins etc, too risky to much it up with sp3 just yet :slight_smile:

have you tested it?

do a system image backup and give it a go :stuck_out_tongue:

The Drobo itself should mount on Win XP SP2 so long as the volumes are 2TB or less, but Dashboard may not work correctly. Without Dashboard, the only safe way to shut it down is to shut down the computer.

(lol docchris, not yet :slight_smile: but i will now from sky’s info from the other post)

thanks Sky i’ll get things ready from the other post, and report back.
in the cases of needing to shutdown the computer (for whenever the Drobo S is hooked up to the xp machine) before shutting the Drobo S down, i can live with that.

one thing which would be good to know, is whether this means i actually need to shutdown the xp dashboard v1.7.3 first? (eg before plugging in the Drobo S to the xp machine?), or can that xp dashboard simply run in the background too and i just should shut the machine before shutting the Drobo S down.

(sorry if this sounds picky, am just trying to iron out a few real life scenarios/queries) :slight_smile:

You can have Dashboard running in the background and it won’t affect anything. If the firmware is at 2.1.3, I’m not sure how that version of Dashboard will interact with it. The reason for shutting down the computer first is to safely unmount the DroboS’ volume(s) to prevent file system errors.

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