Drobo S won't show on desktop/finder

I just replaced one of the 4 hard drives in my Drobo S. Rebooted fine and now have all 4 green lights and blue capacity lights. The Drobo shows up sometimes in Dashboard but not in the Finder or on my desktop. I have new iMac with 10.11.3 and had to connect the Drobo S with a USB cable since the new iMac does not have a fire wire port. Any help would be appreciated.

hi kflood,
can i check if the drobo has started flashing any lights yellow and green since then, and to start its rebuilding?

when dashboard is able to find it, could you plese try taking some screenshots of the drive-slot areas which looks like a mini-drobo front end, and to post it to imgur or similar? (please remember to rub out any sensitive serial numbers to play safe before uploading though)

if you click on the drive slots, does any additional info appear?