Drobo S wakeup (once more)

I have a Drobo S (FW 2.0.1) attached via eSATA to the JMB36X controller on a Win7pro64 PC.
I had the problem that when booting or waking up from sleep/hibernate Windows 7 did block for 1 minute or so if the Drobo was attached. Only at the end of this period the Drobo did wake up and Windows became alive.
I opened a support ticket and asked how I could speedup this but I didn’t get any useful answer, only that they couldn’t tell me what exactly triggers the wakeup because this was proprietary information which they don’t disclose :frowning:

Meanwhile I have a solution for the boot case but not for the wake up from hibernate.
In my case I changed the Windows registry entry for the JMB36X driver (JRAID) to move its initialization forward in the boot sequence (change of the Group):
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\JRAID\Group=“Boot Bus Extender”
After this change the Drobo did wake up early enough in the boot process not to block Windows anymore.
Unfortunately I haven’t found a solution for the hibernate case…I just have a theory what happens. As far as I understand Windows, after coming back from hibernate or sleep the disk drivers are instructed not to do a initialization but rather only a spin up of the drives (upon first access). I suspect that the Drobo does not listen to this command and the as the driver does not receive a confirmation of the spin up it times out and after that retries after having issued a init command…which then wakes up the Drobo…i.e. if this is true the blocking period would be more or less equal to the timeout of the driver.

Can anyone confirm this theory or even have a solution to the problem?

Do you have the latest JMB36X controller driver? The latest release is 1.17.58

I had so much trouble trying to get my built-in eSata port (the same one as you) that I went out and bought one of their recommended cards. Which while that works, is still not flawless with bootup and the DroboS being recognized.

yes I have the latest driver installed. apart from the wake up time I don’t have any problems that are related to the chip/card or driver. My JMB36X is installed on a ASUS P7P55D mainboard.

Always glad to see a Don Martin fan. The only guy who could come up with a believable sound effect for a Drobo waking up.

And that’s probably what’s going on. Windows is waiting for a response from the Drobo, and the Drobo is coming out of standby. That can take up to a minute on an early, slow Drobo. So there’s probably nothing wrong, which means it’s probably going to stay annoyingly slow.