Drobo S -- Volume management

I am using Drobo S on Windows 7; have 4 volumes of 2 TB each. Due to major power fluctuations, files/folders on one of the volumes are corrupted. Other three volume seem to be okay. The disk is not physically damaged. I just want to delete these corrupted folders, or reformat that volume. Drobo S does not provide volume management utility to selectively reformat just one volume. Can I reformat this one volume using windows disk management utility? Will the other three volumes remain intact? Would greatly appreciate any insights.

Thanks for your help in advance

hi, on the bad volume, have you tried a chkdsk on it what did it say?

I tried to populate the drive and got the message that Drobo Volume Info Cannot be found for this Disk (Drobo) The computer doesn’t even recognize the unit anymore after it went through the Drobo disk protection routine for 9 hours, hasn’t been recognize since.