Drobo S v2 on the Way, But...

Well, I decided to get the Drobo. Ordered it yesterday. Should be here this week. Maybe someone here can offer some advice. This is what happened to me:

I have a 15-bay RAID5 with an Areca RAID card. I was resizing one of the partitions, which was going to take many, many hours. It was almost done when my computer decided to reboot for an update. I was in the other room. I looked over at the screen, and I saw it counting down to reboot. I ran over to the computer, but did not make it. It rebooted before the resize was done. Needless to say, I am experiencing many unpleasant thoughts. :confused: Anyway, I tried using the Undelete Partition feature of Paragon Hard Disk Manager 2011. It seemed to recover the partition, and I just had to create the drive letter in Disk Management, which I did. However, the files were corrupt, and if that was not bad enough, when I rebooted the system, it automatically went into chkdsk, and probably made things worse, “correcting” many thousands of errors.

So, at this point, do you think there is anything I can do to recover my files? I know it’s best to always have a backup, but unfortunately, I do not have anything else big enough to fit the data (almost 10 TB), which prevents backup. I would appreciate any thoughts. I tried R-Studio (I own an older version than current, but not THAT old). It seemed to just see what is already visible on the drive there, and when you restore, it is corrupt.

Thanks much in advance for any and all help. Like I said, I will have the Drobo this week. So, if I can find a way to restore the data, I can restore it directly to the Drobo.

what were you using to resize a partition - was it a windows utility (i.e. it was resizing the file system and treating your raid as a regular hard disk) or was it a areca utility (i.e. the raid card was doing the resizing)

was it just a logical volume you were resizing (i.e. the raid array itself was un-changed) or was it the array you were resizing (and the volume ould change along with it)

either way - im afraid it really really doesnt look good

and 15 drives is a LOT to have on a raid 5 volume

Paragon Hard Disk Manager 2011 Suite. It was the logical volume being resized. The RAID was not being effected.