Drobo S - USB3 to eSata

Does anyone know if any USB3 to eSata convertor cables work with the Drobo S? It would be give quicker transfer rates than the USB2 connection if they worked.

For example - http://www.amazon.co.uk/Startech-com-SuperSpeed-eSATA-Cable-Adapter/dp/B004NNYIVM


hi alphageek,
i tried setting my 2nd gen drobo-s with esata in the past, but when i couldnt get it to work with my computer or bios drivers, i opted for usb and it was fine for my usage so i stuck with usb :slight_smile:

ive always had good experiences with startech products, such as ide to scsi converters etc, so maybe that could work for you, but some general things to bear in mind with esata are that some cards are not fully compatible, some motherboards do not have esata enabled properly, and there may be firmware upgrade problems if attempted while using esata, or when trying to access multiple volumes.

(sometimes, converters can add an extra layer of cabling issues that might need more filesystem maintenance checking, but here are some more links about esata in case useful)


Thanks for the reply.

I have a Startech eSATA card in my aging “server” and it works well with the Drobo-S.

I am going to replace it soon and was thinking of getting a mini-pc like a NUC which does not have room for an add-on card but does have USB3. So, I was wondering if the USB3-to-eSATA cards would work becuase the Drobo-S only has USB2 built in.

Drobo S supports USB-3

However, the Drobo 5D is MUCH MUCH faster over USB 3 than the older Drobo S.