Drobo S USB 2.0 - still able to get DroboCare?

Does the fact that the Drobo S now has USB 3.0 ports make the original Drobo S effectively ‘discontinued’. In the terms of DroboCare it says you can buy DroboCare if the model is still on sale - does this apply to the Drobo S USB 2.0 version?

Also, how do I buy DroboCare? None of the links on the Drobo site seem to work properly - if I click on Buy DroboCare it takes me to a log in page that says I’m logged in. Then gives me the choice of creating a new account, or retrieving my username or password.

I also cannot get into the Register new products, or view registrations sections.

Technically, DroboCare for Drobo S USB 2.0 is no longer available for sale because Drobo S USB 2.0 is already discontinued.

If you are outside the US, you should however, check with your Drobo reseller/distributor. In some regions for example, DroboCare is not available or transferable from country to country, so if you are outside the US, the best way to find the answer to this question is to check with your local reseller or distributor.

Actually drobo support just replied saying it was still available for the original drobo S

Good for you, get it now, before it is well and truly EOL-ed…