Drobo S Two drives blinking red

Hello Everyone, I have a Drobo S model number DRDR3-A connected to a OSX 10.10 Mac Pro. The user for the drobo told me that the 2nd drive was yellow then changed red, and then after rebooting her machine the 1st drive also started blinking red. So I am hoping that perhaps the 2nd drive failure is somehow causing a false failure in the first drive.The Drobo is not recognized in the dashboard software however the OS does prompt “The disk you inserted was not readable by this computer. With the option to initialize, ignore and eject.” We have selected ignore in the hopes of not accidentally reformatting the drive. The drobo was likely set up with the default settings, which I assume means that it can only tolerate a single drive loss. I have disconnected the drobo from the machine and powered it on and it still gives the same error. I plan on replacing the 2nd drive since it is the one that failed first and is giving an audible clicking sound and hoping that the drive in the 1st bay will come back.

Are there any tricks that you might suggest I try before proceeding further? Perhaps connecting it to another PC? Please let me know what you think. Thank you.

hi, do you know how much data is on the drobo approximately, and if the blue leds were matching up to it?
and also, what sized drives are in which slots?

if the other lights are solid green, and only the top 2 are flashing red, (and if SDR was in place) it might be a case where they had plenty of drives and free space, to cater for 2 failed drives (but not-simultatneously).

if a drive is only a solid red, and only 1 blinking/flashing red, then the flashing one seems to be the failed one. if you have another pc, and a usb, maybe you could install dashboard there to see what it shows you (and that should also indicate which sdr or ddr is used)

Thanks Paul. I took up your advice and connected the drobo to a PC and this time it was recognizable. Two of the drives had failures, so I took out the one that failed first and replaced it after doing so the other drive was still blinking red. It seems that they disabled dual disk redundancy in order to increase space. Unfortunately in this case both drives had failed meaning a total loss of information. I attempted to repair the broken drives but upon inspection it seems that one of the drives had a catastrophic head crash which left a micro fine film of metallic dust particles on the platters. The other drive’s reading arm servo was stuck and even after dislodging it it would return to the stuck position. I am suspicious that the 1st drive wasn’t reported by the system earlier, I doubt that much damage to the platters could have occurred in the hour they said it had turned red without some warning signs. It seems likely that the 1st disk failed some time ago and perhaps the user or the system failed to report the failure and once the 2nd drive failed and the drobo was rendered non-functional it had to report the error.

Thank you for your help.

hi, am sorry to hear that.
while i was hoping for a bit more information before an action, it seems that your 2 drives got quite badly damaged in the physical sense. (while it might not presently help, maybe you could check with the user if they tilt or moved the drobo around while it was on with drives spinning, just in case they do that with other devices.)

when the drobo was connected to the pc and was recognisable, can you remember any of the dashboard details it was showing you, and was the data accessible that that point before you swapped any drives?

am not sure how to ascertain the order of failures though the diagnostic log might be able to provide this. if 2 drives fail though, and if only sdr is the mode, i honestly am not sure how a loss could be avoided.