drobo S shows drive failure after 6.5 TB

At a customer location the drobo S 2nd Gen simply does not write beyond 6.5 TB when populated with 5 no 2 TB disks
Isnt it supposed to be able to use upto 7.2 TB ?

it should slow down as it approaches being full (from 90% onwards generally) - dramatically so in fact

drobo’s need free space in order for beyondraid to work

thats probably what you are coming up again

90% of 7.26TB= 6.53TB. You can keep writing to the DroboS, though. SLOWLY.

Also be aware that if you write past the 90% point and actually fill the drive completely then the Drobo array WILL die and you will lose all your data.

That is the reason for the slowdown. The OS thinks you have plenty of space because of the thin provisioning so the OS cannot stop the copy in time, as it might do for a normal disk array.

If you have automated copy programs or backup programs writing to the Drobo it is very possible to fill an almost full array without doing anything yourself. This is an issue I need to watch for so I never even get close.


thats not true at all???

you cant fill it completely - it just gets slower and slower

and if you fill it almost all the way full - then its just all the way full, it doenst die and you dont lose everything