Drobo S: Repair, Replaceor Migrate

My Drobo S will not power on.

Can I repair it? How? Where?

Can I replace it and just drop the old drives into a new machine? Which model?

Should I migrate to another platform? I like the apps idea if I can move some files directly to the cloud for safe keeping.

Thanks so much.

To answer one of your questions, see here: http://www.drobo.com/resource-center/migration/

As for repair, I don’t know of anyone other than Drobo themselves who do repairs on these things, and they would rather advise you to replace it, since Drobo S is no longer supported (by them).

As for migrating, I can’t make a suggestion, but I can mention that I’m using CrashPlan with a subscription to backup my Drobo S. My Drobo S is connected to my Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials machine, which is using it’s own private backup drive to backup the OS and some critical files on the Drobo S, but everything else syncs to CrashPlan, which runs on the WS itself instead of using an app on the Drobo.

As trimbleepic indicates, you can migrate to a Drobo 5D. In a situation where the Drobo will not power on, migrating your data to 5D will retain data.


no power ? no lights ? nothing at all ?

I have exactly the same problem, no power, lights, nothing working at all.

All my data is on it. I have ordered a Drobo 5D, but I am worried about migrating my data. Is there a help line where you can speak to someone who can talk you through the process?

I do not have a back up, so it’s vital I do this correctly. I thought my data would be safe on a Drobo, seems I was wrong. It seems ludicrous that you can’t take the SATA drives out and read them on another device in situations like this.

hi robbie,
once you get your 5d and register it with drobos website i think it comes with migration support/drobocare and drobocare has support lines with help through the process. in case you ordered if 2nd hand from somewhere else though then we can try help on forums via comment posts too.