Drobo S randomly disconnects USB from Mac 10.10

hey folks - setting aside my rage that I drove 2.5 hours to my server’s location only to be told “ohhh too bad, should should have bought dorobocare”… I’m trying to troubleshoot this issue.

Sorry, rant over.

My drobo s is connected via USB 3 to a Mac Mini running 10.10 server.

Seemingly randomly it becomes unmounted.

Rebooting does fix it. The only solution is to drive 2.5 hours, turn the drobo off and turn it back on.

I’ve tried replacing the USB 3 cable. I’ve added some ventilation and have even moved the Drobo outside the server cabinet (ambient air temp is about 65). Sometimes it stays connected for 3-5 days, sometimes 3-5 hours.

All drives are solid green.

I’ve been checking the OS X System logs for anything having to do with the rdisk in question - nothing appears.

So my questions are:

  1. is there any way remotely reboot the drobo? Driving 2.5 hours each way has become problematic.

  2. Any idea what the root cause may be?

  3. From the Mac Mini, the drobo is shared to a linux box via NFS. Is there any chance that high read/write volumes cause it to become dismounted?

I’m experiencing the same behavior, any luck working your issues out?
My set-up:
Mac Mini Server running 10.10.2
Drobo Mini firmware 3.1.1 connected via USB3
Drobo Dashboard 2.6.4

I’m having the same issue here with a USB3-connected Drobo 3G w/ MacMini Sever. All lights green, no signal that it isn’t working normally, open-area with plenty of cooling, yet getting random disconnects (unsafe dismounts). Rebooting solves it most of the time, but not always.

If you have dashboard 2.6.4 installed, rollback to 2.6.3.

Is this server not accessible on the internet?

You could install Apple’s Remote Dekstop (Mac to Mac) or use a VMC client (any client - Mac) to save you the drive.

Same problem here: OS X 10.10 Server, Drobo 4Bay, USB3, connection lost after 30 seconds to 30 minutes.

If a downgrade to Dashboard 2.6.3 helps - where can I find it? It’s not available from drobo.com, is it?


Thanks a lot!

I’m having the same issue. My Dashboard is 2.6.9. Anyone else having this issue and did it get resolved?

I have 2 Drobos, a Gen 2 (USB) and a 5D Thunderbolt). This only happens with the Gen 2.

hi keytohwy, how are things going? :slight_smile:
its been a while since your last confession (i mean post) :smiley:

jokes aside, i was just wondering if this is on the same mac where you upgraded before to mavericks, and if you could check a few things with your setup:

  • is the gen 2 (usb) cable sharing any port or usb hub with something else?
  • do you have another usb cable you could try (just in case cable is faulty)?
  • do you have another usb port that you could try (just in case the port is playing up)?
  • can i ask how long have you had this particular problem?
  • are there any screensave/powerdown settings that you could check on the mac, just in case it is dropping connection when it goes into a possible powersaving mode?