Drobo S Partitioned With Disk Utility


I’ve made an unbelievably stupid mistake and i’m wondering if anyone can help me put it right. I have a Drobo S with 3 x 8 TB drives in it that I haven’t used for a few years as I switched jobs and went from Mac to PC (the drives were HFS+ format). Despite the capacity, there was only about 1TB of data stored so I figured I would create a new ExFAT partition and transfer the files so that I could the Drobo with my PC.

As it’s been so long since I used it, I completely forgot about Drobo Dashboard so I attempted to create a partition with Disk Utility and it has completely replaced the previous partition so I have no access to the files.

I used R-Studio to scan the drive and it picks up the volumes so I can see all the folders and files but it is unable to recover them. Researching it, I think that this is probably due to BeyondRAID that Drobo uses.

I’ve been really careful not to alter the drive in any way since it happened (apart from scanning it) so the files should all be complete. Is there anything I can do to try and recover the files without paying for specialist recovery?

I’m hoping that as the filesystem (or volume - not sure of the exact terminology) and the files are both in-tact there must be a way to put them back together somehow.