Drobo S or FS in my setup?


Which would be best in terms of speed and general flexibility an S or FS?

I have the Drobo connected to 1 Mac (OS X) only for automated backups using CCC. I don’t generally use it for general file access. Would CCC have any issues with schedules to a Drobo via Ethernet?

Can I run disk utility on the FS the same as on my Firewire Drobo?

Which is faster?


For your setup the Drobo S would be better - as it is just a locally attached disk.

The Drobo FS needs to be mounted up as a network share so is less reliable in some situations - say if you wake your computer from sleep and it does not properly reconnect to the share.

From the point of view of performance, FireWire is up to 60MB/second read and 35MB/second write.
I’m not sure on the exact stats of Drobo FS but in general my experience with Samba and NFS on the Mac over Gigabit Ethernet is up to around 40MB/second.

thanks for the info!


If you are only running a single MAC, then I’d agree that you want the S. The NAS is much better in an environment where you have several pcs or don’t want any dedicated pc to host your drobo. In my case, I wanted the flexibility and features of the FS and was willing to sacrifice any potential performance differences.

My FS is on a gigabit network and I did some rough estimates a few days ago from my Windows 7 Pro laptop. I was getting reads up to 55 MB/second and average writes around 26 (peak 30) MB/second which is not too bad.

I am using samba on windows, but for anyone looking at the FS it also appears to include netatalk for Mac users so you can connect as an AFP fileserver which may have some better and/or different results.