Drobo S on the fritz, how fast is the Drobo FS?

My Drobo S is acting funny. Support doesn’t seem to want to help. I don’t know why I’m even considering another product, but anyways…

Currently I have a Mac Pro on 24/7 sharing the Drobo over the network and online via VPN. It’s connected via eSATA, so on average I get 90MB/s read/write (intranet).

Now if I move to a Drobo FS, I imagine I don’t need run a Mac Pro as a server anymore. I can move those server duties to a Mac mini (one that I’ve already tested) which consumes a fraction of the power. Does all the stuff I need (including hosting the VPN); obviously the issue is it doesn’t have eSATA and I’m not moving back to FW800 and definitely not USB 2.0 (because that’s why I upgraded from the first gen, to the 2nd, and then the S!).

How is the Drobo FS in terms of read and writing stuff? What about power consumption?

DroboFS typically is <40MB/sec reads and <30MB/sec writes. In one instance that I’ve never managed to explain or replicate, I once got sustained 70MB/sec for one long transfer. It’s not going to be anywhere near the Drobo S speed, even under the best of conditions.

If you haven’t yet bought it I’d look elsewhere, especially at NetGear who works directly with the netatalkd team on AFP support. I know I’ll never buy a thing from DRI again.

Thanks. That would be too slow; that’d be like going back to USB 2.0