Drobo S not powering on

Before upgrading to El Capitan I made sure my computer was fully backed up onto my Drobo S. The upgrade went fine. I switched computer, backups etc off a week later as I was going away for a few days.

Now back and Drobo S won’t power on. I have done the obvious i.e. check green light on power supply, plugged and unplugged the Drobo, changed power supply socket and it is still not working.

Any idea what I can try next?

Many thanks in advance

hi mabor another user recently had a similar issue, and some info here may help:

(you could try to do a similar test as they did, by ejecting all drives say half way and seeing if it helps to boot up, but please remember to only eject your drives or only to insert your drives back in, while power is all OFF and unplugged for this test)