Drobo S not accessible

I have a Drobo S which is not showing up on my desktop. It seems fine when I look at it through the Dashboard., but I can’t access the drive at all.

I’m viewing it on a Macbook Pro OS 10.11.6

hi radhart, can i check if this is elcapitan, and if things had been working ok before, but then suddenly it wont mount?
(or were there any changes that possibly took place, such as a new dashboard or update?)

another user recently also had some issues with elcapitan, and some more info here may help too, especially some of the maintenance tools where possible:

Thanks Paul. It’s highly likely that I installed El Capitan with the Drobo connected. I have tried Disk Warrior but it said it was a file system error.

I’ll have a good look at these threads and let you know how I go.

thanks radhart, ok fingers crossed some progress can be made, (and if you happen to have access to another mac (with the previous version) it might be worth trying to connect as well as a test, and with usb)