Drobo S - No Drobo is detected after a while

Desktop computer running Windows. Never goes to sleep. After I boot the computer and leave the system idle for a while the Drobo S (connected via eSATA) will disappear and the Drobo Dashboard icon in the tray will show “No Drobo is detected”. This can be fixed by some combination of unplugging the eSATA cable, toggling power on the Drobo S to off then on, and/or a reboot. At that point the Drobo S will be visible again and the drives can be used.

I have tried stopping and restarting the Drobo S service (since that can be done remotely and most of the others cannot) and that doesn’t fix the problem.

I’m on Windows 7 Professional x64. Intel X9650 Quad Core @ 3.0GHz. Dell XPS 420 with 4GB of RAM. Drobo is hooked up via eSATA to a Sil 3132 dual port card with latest firmware from SI’s website.

its not a solution, more of a note to help limit your troubleshooting - but the drobo dashboard service wont make a difference, that is only used for managing the drobo, without dashboard running at all drobo should still appear as a regular sata drive

I was having so many problems w/ my DroboS 1st Gen connected via eSATA using a local brand Silicon Image based 3132 chipset eSATA HBA so I went to eBay and ordered the recommended IOGear version but was still having random connectivity or I should say disconnectivity issue so after wasting $ for more than 4 eSATA controllers including an pricey Adaptec eSATA, the 1st card I tested b/f the KB was published and countless hours of trials & errors w/ 3 other cards, I finally gave up. I’m using USB 2.0 now. ;-(

In your Power Options from your desktop be sure to
set it to “Performance” as opposed to balanced etc.

Using any other setting will put your esata in a sleep/power
saving mode that will not recover once disconnected.

I’m running Windows Server 2008R2 Enterprise on my HP notebook. So, the power option including hibernation etc. was turned off. Only blank the display after 15min.

I’d been running in a Hybrid mode with never sleep, never hibernate etc. In attempting to debug this I had disabled PCI Express Power Management, but I still allowed the Hard Drives to be shut down after 20 minutes. I just tried changing the Power Option to “High Performance” just for the heck of it, and it also allows the Hard Drives to power off after 20 minutes, so doesn’t look like this will fix anything. Trying it just for the heck of it though, just in case there’s some unspecified change that makes this suddenly work.

its not about allowing the hard disks to power down… its powering down the port

let us know how changing to high performance goes for you

I opened a case with Drobo, and eventually they recommended switching eSata cards. I was using a Lacie eSata card:


and am now instead using the StarTech PXESATA2 card. In theory these should be identical, since they’re based on the same chipset and use the same drivers, but switching cards immediately solved the problem. Guess it pays to stick strictly to the adapters on the recommended list…