Drobo S, Linux Newbie, formatting for over 2TB

Ok, Here is my conundrum:

I am using the ReadyNAS as a way to put my new DROBO S (http://www.drobo.com/products/drobo-s.php) on my network.

I use the DROBO to store close to 2TB of Movies/Media and I play this media by having the ReadyNAS wired into the same network as my PS3, but also giving me wireless streaming to any computers in the house.

The DROBO is formatted as FAT32, which means the max share sizes are 2TB. I just added more storage (as my library is constantly growing) and had to spill over into a second 2TB share on the same DROBO because FAT32 wont recognize if I format the whole thing as a giant 16TB drive.

When the DROBO only had one drive on it, the system worked perfectly and flawlessly… but now that there are these two drives, the ReadyNAS has trouble and will only display one of the two shares. Usually the first one alphabetically if I change their names.

SO! I downloaded Ubuntu and installed it with Parallels on my Macbook Pro! I’ve never used Linux before, but I was able to finagle the Drobo-utils to reformat the drive as an 8TB ext3.

Hoewever, I cannot get the Drobo to let me save anything to it… it shows up on my Ubuntu desktop, is labeled Drobo01, and I can get the lights to blink and all the normal functions to work. I used the GUI of Drobo-utils to format it, and the only thing on the drive when I open it is a folder labeled “lost+found”.

Whenever I try to copy a file to it, I get an error:

and when I click for more details:

So, how do I get access to my drive? Please help, I know I’m playing with fire using a new operating system, so hopefully the flames wont go too high.

That looks like a permissions error on the Linux side.

If you list the permissions on the directory you will probably find that is is only writable by the root user. Run the following command to view permissions:
ls -ld /media/Drobo01
will probably have permissions like
drwxr-xr-x 14 root root 544 Mar 6 14:23 /media/Drobo01

If you want any user to be able to write to it then you need to alter the permissions. Run the following command to alter the permissions:
chmod 777 /media/Drobo01

They should then look something like:
drwxrwxrwx 14 root root 544 Mar 6 14:23 /media/Drobo01

Yup! That did it, now I can read and write to the disk…

but for some reason, my ReadyNAS Duo is not seeing the big ext3 drobo when it’s installed. It sense is as a USB share, but tries to tell me it is only 2TB… and will not let me view the USB storage when I log into it. Seems maybe the server cannot recognize a ext3 of 8TB?

Crap. I just want a simple way to have ALL my media available to the PS3 I use to play it on!! Back to the drawing board…

You need a recent Linux kernel to use an ext3 volume larger than 2TB. The kernel you are using could be too old.

as far as i am aware, greater than 2TB ext3 is not a “supported” configuration, and one drobo user recently lost a significant amount of data as a result of running ext3 greater than 2tb. so proceed with caution.


Please note the following restrictions on the supported EXT3 volume sizes:

1st and 2nd Generation Drobo: up to 2TB
Drobo S: up to 8TB
DroboPro: up to 8TB (requires firmware version 1.1.4 or later)
DroboElite: up to 8TB

good to know, thanks jennifer :slight_smile: