Drobo S Gen1 Won't Boot

I’m having issues with my drobo S. I had these issues once before but some amount of unplugging and trying different combos of power and data cables plug in/power sequences was able to bring it back. This time i’ve had no such luck. I finally gave up and picked up a 5D which I have migrated the disk pack to. I would like to try to revive the S to be more than a paperweight though.

On following the directions for the “reboot loop” or other support documents, powering on the Drobo simply results in fans going at full blast, all drive LEDs being yellow, power being yellow, all capacity lights being blue. The activity light does alternate between solid on and off for periods of time. There is no proper boot cycle, as described in the knowledge base, of the activity lights extinguishing and then “filling up” as the boot happens. This hung boot does not change when removing the entire disk pack.

No amount of unplugging data and power and rebooting the host has managed to change this hung state. Even when left sit for hours in boot no progress is ever made. Additionally, leaving the chassis unplugged from power and data for days and then trying again does not change it’s behavior.

Furthermore, I am not able to see any change by performing a “pin reset” by holding in the reset button on the rear before applying power and turning on. There is no change, and it exhibits the same full fan/all lights/no progress as above.

Drobo support has kindly told me to kick rocks since it’s EoL. Help me droboforums, you’re my only hope :wink:

My drobo S is have erratic problems too and Drobo support for legacy products is terrible. Likely planned obsolescence. I say that because in order to restore your data you needed to purchase another Drobo product. I will be borrowing a Drobo to restore my data but then moving it all to a QNAP product.

Sam Walton once said “The customer can fire the whole company from the CEO on down by simply taking their money elsewhere.” I am sorry you had to buy another Drobo to migrate your data. As for me I will be firing everyone at Drobo.