Drobo S Gen 2 - Activity Light Constant Blinking

Anybody else notice that a “Drobo S - Gen 2”, when used under Win XP with DashBoard software running, will have its “Activity Light” Flashing/Blinking approx. every 3 - 4 seconds. This occurs without any user or application access against the Drobo S !
… Note: However, it never happened with my previous old Gen 1 - Drobo S.

Now, if you both Exit the DashBoard Pgm AND Stop the DashBoard Service (DDService.exe), then the “Activity Light” will Stop Flashing every 3 -4 seconds and becomes a “useful” Activity Light that will only blink when you truly are doing user access or application pgm/utility access against the “Drobo S - Gen 2”. … This makes the Activity Light meaningful once again !!!

sorry, i dont use a 12 year old OS :stuck_out_tongue:

speak for yourself :smiley:

I’ve just got a second hand Drobo S Gen 2 to replace my trusty old Drobo Gen 2. I’m on Windows 8.1 x64 and noticed the exact same behavior - the DDService “pings” my Drobo every 5 seconds or so. I’m pretty sure this prevents proper spindown timer operation as well. I’m using Dashboard v2.5.2. It wasn’t like that with my old v2 and I haven’t touched anything in my OS besides swapping the physical Drobo units. Drobo S firmware is at the latest 2.1.5 version.

hi zbig, it might be the dashboard version which does this in later versions.
i think im still on 1.3.7/1.7.3 firm/dash versions, and the activity light is only taking place when active.

on my drobo-s with version 2.x dashboard, the activity light does blink a bit from time to time (when presumed idle), but i think im still on an old-enough version which still supports the spin down timer controls.