Drobo S (Gen 1) not turning on - need options


I sincerely hope someone can help me, because Drobo support will not.

I have a Drobo S (Gen 1) that stopped turning on. It’s the 4th time it’s happened. Once the entire unit had to be replaced, and then the other two times I had to buy a new power supply. I thought the power supply was the culprit again because when you hit the power button, absolutely nothing happens (although there’s slight beeping noise from the supply).

At this point, I don’t care what it costs - I have a decade and a half of photos and video on my children from birth on this thing.

So two questions:

  1. Does anyone know what’s wrong, and what I can do with this unit?

  2. Could I buy a new Drobo 5-bay (5d?) and put the drives from the Drobo S in it, and be able to access my files?

Please help me.

Try connecting the Drobo S unit directly to a power source and turn on the unit.
If the light on the power brick stays on, likely the unit is faulty.
If the light is flickering or dimmed, the brick may be faulty, and does not supply enough power to power up the unit.

  • If this is so, perhaps purchasing a new brick would resolve the issue.

The Drobo 5D is a suitable candidate for migration. Provided that before the unit fails, your data is accessible and you have the latest firmware installed on it.

What was the result of this? I am now facing the exact same situation with my Drobo FS.


hi srobak,
it might just be that original posters are quite busy, or the problem went away or sometimes the forum notifications get picked up as spam (ive had that quite a bit when a large number of notifications are received in a short amount of time for example).

when my drobo-s (2nd gen) broke, it was the main unit and i did a migration, but in your case though, what happens with the psu lights if you try the psu without being plugged into the drobo?

in case yours is the unit, there are some migrations options available which are explained here:
along with a couple of pdfs near the top of the page detailing some options when migrating
(though if its only the psu which has the problem, it would be cheaper i think to get a new psu)