Drobo S for no reason is rejecting different drives

New drobo S with 5 drives
x4 2tb
x1 1tb

I’ve opened a support request but it seems as though my newly formatted drobo S will say a drive is missing when I haven’t done anything! Very worrying. I’ve re-ordered the drives and it still does this.

Now i can’t even access the drive and it says ‘too many drive drives have been removed. Please re-insert the removed hard drives’

It’s all brand new!

I have an old v2 daisy chained to my droboS which is working fine. I’m finding this S very distressing. Has anyone come across this?

UPDATE: i’ve been replacing hard drives drobo says ‘are not there’ in dashboard and then another disappears! This is very unreliable.

Firmware Version: 2.0.1
Dashboard Version: 1.6.8
My Platform: Mac OS 10.6.3
File System: HFS+
Connection: FireWire[hr]

UPDATE: after re-inserting lots of drives, i put the over on. I TOUCHED the drobo by putting the front cover on and the unit turned off and restarted itself! this is crazy just touching the device would cause it to turn off! I put a drive in and it restarted itself too. What’s going on!? It’s very temperamental. One sec all the drives are good, then it says replace, then it green lights it and it’s ok then i touch the drobo and it goes crazy and says ANOTHER drive is the issue…i’m getting mixed signals. I have two other drobos which have been fine. Maybe the hardrives aren’t seated correctly? No, i’ve pushed them in well.

Back to square one - too many hard drives removed and can’t access the drobo

I can start filming this and put it on YT if it helps?

it sounds like there might be a loose internal connection, perhaps between the backplane and the motherboards - i would stop using it until you hear from support, and i would imagine they will simply replace it.

maybe it got a particularly hard knock during transit that made something come loose?

Sorry i cant be more help :frowning:

Thanks for the suggestions and ideas - they all help in this worrying time.

Should it be replaced, i hope the downtime isn’t long :frowning: I’d actually like a drobo pro so maybe could pay the extra!..Will keep you all updated

They can send you a new Drobo before you send them back your faulty unit so you can migrate within a few minutes.
I’ve experienced that already…

Wow, that’s great customer service.

Back when i got my first in 2008 I sent one question and it bounced with Philippa, Betsy, Umesh all within a day or so replying and sending me some good info…and even a phone call! Now that’s great customer service.

It’s doing a rebuild right now but I’m still worried about touching the device or even clapping too loudly in case it throws another fit. I’ve narrowed this to the drives being ok as they were green and now rebuilding and the drobo faulty.

Still, despite this i’m hoping to upgrade to a pro

I agree with Docchris - sounds like there’s a fault somewhere. The touching comment made me especially concerned about some kind of intermittent short.

Once upon a time a friend of mine built a system and had an extra standoff on the motherboard plate that caused an intermittent short… It took a while to track down and he wasn’t happy - especially since it was a machine being mass-built for his job.

Heyea Bhinga, you’re quite a poster! Thanks for the comments to confirm. I really think you’re all right. I have 2 other drobo’s including a v1 which have never has a hiccup.

Last night I finally got it to rebuild for 15h (for no reason as all the drives are ok…) I switched my machine after everything was ok and now it’s doing the above, saying random drives are missing so i’m re-inserting them, another drives goes missing, reinserting… I took a drive out again and it restarted. Now I’m in this endless loop of replacing drives and watching the unit switch on and off.

First thing i done was submit a support ticket and i’ve emailed them a link to this thread so we’ll wait and see.

EDIT:31h rebuild and then copying to another drobo. Shushh…i have to type quietly as the vibrations may cause the dragon to wake up…do not use caps lock and shout anyone… :wink:

funny thing is i’m quite serious!

1st email from support asked to confirm my serial number…
also asked me for a phone number which i’m very sure i put in the support form…nothing to help RE the very big problem of data loss on a brand new drobo… :confused:

updates to continue…

Sorry we always ask to confirm serial numbers and phone numbers. Unfortunately way too many times customer register with incorrect serial numbers and phone numbers. Or they registered so long ago, that information is incorrect and has never been corrected by the customer.

I’ve sent a picture of my firmware and serial number from dashboard so we’re 100% certain i do have a problem! :slight_smile:

A possible suggestion is like the majority of support systems have the date and place you bought it from. Your internal system will verify the serial no sold to the place or it’s based on trust that i’m not emailing for fun and using your support for fun - it’s a serious case of data integrity.

I’ll await further news :slight_smile:

For a good example, I just escalated a case for replacement. I did not confirm the phone number since the customer just created his login.

Unfortunately the number he set up his account with does not work.

So we ALWAYS ask to confirm serial numbers, phone numbers and shipping addresses even if it’s in there.

Thanks a lot Jennifer!

Phone number still the same as when Philippa, Betsy, Umesh called or mailed way back in 2008…if they are still working for you![hr]
Progress! My units looks like it needs replacing so someone will be in touch with me to sort it out.

Wonderif i can upgrade to a pro if i can pay the difference?

Others have asked in the past, and answer has so far been “No, sorry.”

Thanks for the answer. Shame though as I would have thought as DRI would have liked the extra money, sales and faith in products after such a catastrophe from buying a dud!? Strange

Betsy is still there, if she’s the one in sales you are referring to. The other I have never heard of and i’ve been here a year and half now.